Reader poll: Weigh in on your Lake Geneva favorites!

Everyone who has ever visited the Lake Geneva area has a favorite spot or two. For those who live here year-round or who have been visiting every summer for decades, these local favorites may have developed over time, after hundreds of hours of walking the Shore Path, enjoying boat rides and picnics and sunsets from the end of a pier. For those who are relatively new to visiting the area, the favorites may have been recently discovered: a day at the beach, a stroll through our beautiful local communities or an evening spent watching fireworks over the lake.

So here at At the Lake, we want to find out your Lake Geneva “Mosts.” Help us out by taking the survey on our website and weigh in on eight categories, including, “What is the most fun Lake Geneva activity for families?” and “What is the most relaxing wellness activity in the Lake Geneva area?” and “What is the most fun thing to do with your dog in the Lake Geneva area?” The survey offers several options for each category, and we’ve also made sure there is space for you to write in your favorites if you don’t see them already listed.

Once you’ve responded to the survey, feel free to share the link with friends and family! We want to make sure everyone has a chance to tell us their Lake Geneva favorites. The survey will remain up on our site through Monday, March 21st. We will then publish the results in our Summer 2022 issue of At the Lake Magazine. Sending a huge thanks to all of our At the Lake readers, and we can’t wait to find out what you choose!

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