Better Living

Balancing Act

We explore how to navigate the fine line between work and life, while achieiving better balance between the two.

cruise for cause

Cruise for a Cause

The new Santa Cruise at Lake Geneva Cruise Line will benefit the “Twelve Charities of Christmas.”

Disc Fever

A game of disc golf can be played more quickly than traditional golf – and it can be found right in our own community at the White River Disc Golf Course.

A Chance for Success

Shepherds College, a unique college in southeastern Wisconsin, immerses special needs students in programs to gain independence.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Cabin fever is starting to wear off, the days are getting warmer and when we get home from work, it’s no longer pitch black outside. So let’s get outdoors – it’s good for your mind, body and soul!

Skin Solutions

Winter requires more TLC — and moisture — to keep our skin healthy and hydrated. Check out these skin care tips to keep your skin looking healthy all winter long.

A Safety Net

The local organization Safe Families For Children provides stability and support to community members. Learn more about this incredible organization now.

Modern Meditation

Meditation is simply an exercise for your brain that eventually allows you to take control of your mind and your thoughts. Explore modern meditation with us and find out how to reduce stress and gain an inner peace.