Meet the Gummers

Self-proclaimed old men, also known as The Gummers, take to Geneva Lake every morning for a waterskiing ritual that’s lasted five decades.

In A League of its Own

The Landmark Center in Lake Geneva has a storied history dating back to 1874, including more than 40 years housing a popular local bowling alley.

A Culture of Inclusion

From their inception, Geneva Lake’s summer camps have offered those from all walks of life a chance to take part in the joys and restorative powers of lake living.

Walk on Water

For thousands of years, men and women have stood on boards and paddled atop water. Yet the new boards that gracefully skim our lake’s shoreline today have transformed an age-old form of transportation rather quickly.

Mailboat at 100

There’s one daredevil act from the era that paying audiences still throng to see 100 years later: the daily spectacle of the mail jumper hopping on and off the swiftly moving Mailboat.

Disc Fever

A game of disc golf can be played more quickly than traditional golf – and it can be found right in our own community at the White River Disc Golf Course.

Lake Dogs 2015

We salute all you lake dogs who remind us of what life is all about. You remind us to smile, because we’re at the lake.

All Aglow

Talented Lake Geneva artist Dori Davis Beck has a passion for pumpkins that translates into elaborate carvings that are both magical and amazing.

Reel In Some Fun

Reel in some fun at Rushing Waters Fisheries. Rushing Waters is the quintessential farm-to-table experience, located right here in Walworth County.