Lake Geneva Neighbors

Many of Chicago’s philanthropic powerhouses escaped the city to summer at their opulent homes on Geneva Lake’s north shore.

A Sense of Community

Harvard Club is quite possibly the oldest camp or club on Geneva Lake. Today, Harvard Club continues to bring generations of families together.

A Window To The Past

Once upon a time, small town department stores were as much a gathering place as they were a retail establishment. An anchor before the term “anchor store” was coined, their presence paved the way for other businesses in historic downtown districts.

Architect of Timeless Grace

For those who appreciate historic estates with a genteel classical influence, the Lake Geneva homes designed by the Chicago architect Howard Van Doren Shaw may prove to be the homes that truly steal their hearts.

In Her Own Words

Alma Schmidt Petersen, an heir to Black Point Estate in Lake Geneva, pens her thoughts while traveling in Europe at the onset of WWI.

Reviving Penwern

Dedicated homeowners have lovingly restored the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Penwern estate on Delavan Lake.

Legends Of Snake Road

Snake Road is a well-known scenic route in Lake Geneva – but did you know its historic residents shaped the future of Chicago and Lake Geneva?

Honoring Father

At The Lake presents postcards from the past: gifts to Charles Wacker, well-known Chicagoan and Geneva Lake estate owner, on his 60th birthday.

Preserving Hazeldore

Hazeldore, a beautiful Queen Anne cottage on the shores of Geneva Lake, provides an unchanged glimpse into the history of our lakeside community.

Women in World War II

Doing Their Part

This is the story of how Delavan factories, and Delavan women, helped secure victory in World War II.