Harry Who?

If you do not know who Harry Gordon Selfridge is, you aren’t alone. Until recently, most people in America had little reason to know the name Selfridge.

Sailing through History

The story of the Lake Geneva Yacht Club in its first 140 years on Geneva Lake – and what comes next for this club.

The Last House On The Block

We don’t know much about them, only that they were here. Beyond names, dates of birth and death, it’s hard to paint a picture of the men, women and children whose home was the Walworth County Poor Farm and Insane Asylum.

Just Passing Through: The Day Einstein Came To Town

Ninety-one years ago, Albert Einstein came to America for the first time and according to local legend, which may or may not be true, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist asked to see just two places in the United States – Niagra Falls in New York and Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, WI.

A Walk Through Pioneer Cemetery

Established in 1837, Pioneer Cemetery, as its name implies, is where many of Lake Geneva’s founding men, women and children were laid to rest.

Rock & Roll in the Country

Residents of Lake Geneva are often surprised to learn that the area once boasted a world-class music recording studio. Despite the string of hits this studio produced, it remains an underappreciated piece of local history.

Remember the Ladies

Some women refused to be footnotes. They refused to follow the so-called rules, choosing instead to follow their hearts and minds. Mary Delafield Sturges and her daughter, Ethel Sturges Dummer, are two such women. Strong, outspoken and driven, they loom larger today than the men of their rich and powerful clan — proving once again that sometimes the fairer sex is better able to make life fairer for all of us.