Timing & Tempo

Timing & Tempo: How Dave Hallenbeck has remained a steady presence on the links at Grand Geneva Resort

Writing Her Way Through Pain

Nationally renowned author/playwright and Lake Geneva resident Janet Burroway writes about the loss of her son in her latest book, Losing Tim.

Alyssa Kristin: Designing a Dream

Alyssa Kahle is the owner and creative director of Alyssa Kristin, a Chicago-based bridal line, and she has begun to make a name for herself in the designer wedding dress world.

Moonlighting on the Lake

It’s all hands-on deck as many local educators return to Lake Geneva Cruise Line for another summer aboard the Lake Geneva Cruise Line’s eight vintage vessels.

Talking Off The Air At The Lake

“Be relatable all the time,” says Nancy Douglass, the general manager at WLKG 96.1 The Lake, about the award-winning approach the station has taken over the years. This summer, Lake 96.1 is celebrating 20 years of broadcasting, and the people behind the voices talked “off the air” about the ups and downs of two decades in the local radio market.

Living Like a Local

Award-winning actor John Mahoney divided his time between Chicago and Walworth County for years; At The Lake sat down with him in 2013 to discuss life in the Midwest and his career.