Choosing the Right Venue for Your Wedding

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Tips from the Experts at Something Blue Lake Geneva Wedding & Event Planning

One of the first and most important steps in planning a wedding is venue selection. The venue determines so much: how many guests you can invite, the overall “feel” of the wedding (elegant, rustic, etc.), and, of course, the wedding date. Until the venue is booked, you don’t have a date to tell your family and friends (or other vendors) to reserve for your special day!

With so many amazing venues in the Geneva Lakes area, it can be overwhelming. Here are the top five considerations before beginning your search:

  1.  Come up with a rough guest list.
    Get together with your fiancé and parents to determine approximately how many people you will invite and stick to that number!  Yes, there likely will be a percentage who can’t come, but when you are formulating a guest list a year or more prior to your wedding, allow for some additions that will come along in the next several months.
  2. Make a wedding wish list.
    Start to systematically narrow down your list to five “must haves.” What are your priorities when it comes to the wedding? Do you like the rustic feel of a barn or are you more of a ballroom girl? Are you obsessed with amazing floral, or would a view of the lake be preferred? If you’re foodies, hiring a creative caterer might be high on your priority list. Focusing on the top five wish list items will help narrow your venue search.  
  3. Talk about overall budget.
    This can be tricky, especially when trying to ask how much your future in-laws might be willing to contribute to the celebration. Having a realistic idea of how much you can afford will determine how elaborate your wedding can be. If the budget is smaller than you had anticipated and you can’t cut the guest list, you will want to focus on venues that include décor and ambiance.
  4. Imagine your guests’ experience.
    Lake Geneva is ideal for destination weddings, so you’ll want to think about where your guests will stay, what they will do while they are in the area and how they get to and from the wedding. There are several resort options that offer on-site guest rooms, but you can also arrange transportation for guests at stand-alone venues.
  5. ENJOY the process.
    There is a saying that when you find your venue, you will just know. While touring locations, concentrate on how you feel the first moment you walk into the room. Don’t schedule more than five or six tours in one day and leave yourself time between to list the pros and cons of each venue after you have toured them. Bring a trusted friend with you – chances are they will notice things you may have missed. 

Something Blue Lake Geneva would love to help! Send them your wish list and they can formulate a selection of area venues that meet your needs, set-up tours, give you insight on each location and suggest options you may haven’t even considered. Best of luck in finding the right venue for your dream day!

For more information, visit their website or contact them at [email protected] or 262-745-1677.

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