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Are you craving a new kitchen or bath? Tap into your domestic bliss at Geneva Cabinet Company LLC. Stop by to see the latest cabinetry ideas, but don’t leave without peeking behind closed doors. You will discover the delightful little secret to an organized life, cabinet interior systems that actually increase storage and improve accessibility.

These tips from the designers at Geneva Cabinet Company will help improve the organization and efficiency of your home.

Work the Zone

Every household is different, so determine your most active work zones and concentrate on making those efficient. Cluster storage for essential items within easy reach to breeze through daily tasks.

Storage Wars

Take note of your shopping habits to calculate the right amount of storage. Do you visit Costco weekly or monthly? The right size, shape and number of cabinets will keep everything visible and eliminate conflicts for space.

Drawers vs. Doors

Drawers Win! Drawers use the entire frame of a cabinet with complete accessibility. Deep drawers are ingenious under the cooktop with clever dividers to organize bulky cookware. There are even toe kick drawers to utilize under cabinet space that is often ignored.

Easy Gliding

Pullout, swing-out and slide-out features put an end to the unreachable wilderness in the back of cabinets. They can also make the best use of narrow vertical space. The latest versions include lighting, tiered storage, removable bins and lift-systems for small appliances to keep countertops clear.

Chilling Stations

Under-counter refrigeration drawers and slender refrigeration columns are the modern way to store food and beverages exactly where you need them. Discreet units can be placed in an outdoor living area, food prep station or household entertainment hub.

Appliance Drawers

Microwave, dishwasher and warming drawers are growing in popularity with good reason: easy accessibility for all ages. In many locations they are safer than pull-down doors.

Get the Pros Involved

Early Expert advice will streamline your entire project. One-stop shopping at Geneva Cabinet Company delivers a stress-free environment with a creative team to design and manage a makeover that will organize any room in your home.

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