Golden Boat Lifts Makes Waves in Lake Geneva: A New Standard in Marine Excellence

In the tranquil shores of Lake Geneva, a new era in boating excellence is dawning, heralded by the arrival of Golden Boat Lifts’ latest warehouse location. As the global leader in the industry, Golden Boat Lifts isn’t just arriving; they’re bringing a tidal wave of quality, reliability and innovation that has long made them a household name in Florida and around the world.

As the newcomers in town, Golden Boat Lifts is eager to showcase their unwavering commitment to excellence in every facet of their operations. From cutting-edge manufacturing processes to an unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction, they’re poised to set a new benchmark for boat lifts in the Lake Geneva region.

A name you know and trust

Golden has recruited a name well-known in the Lake Geneva area and marine industry, George Zick, to oversee the North Region and Midwest Warehouse. Zick brings over 25 years of experience in the boating service sector. He is also an avid boater and boating connoisseur.

What distinguishes Golden Boat Lifts from the rest?

It’s their steadfast dedication to durability and their 43+ years of manufacturing the best boat lifts in the industry. While some may question the need for saltwater lifts in freshwater environs, Golden Boat Lifts knows from experience that saltwater lifts outlast freshwater counterparts. Why? Because they understand the unforgiving nature of marine environments and engineer their lifts to brave whatever challenges Mother Nature throws their way. When the catastrophic Hurricane Ian hit the Southwest Florida area, Golden Boat Lifts and the marinas they had built withstood the devastation, because of the overengineering of their product.

Golden Boat Lifts doubles the industry-standard safety precautions

This makes them the safest, highest quality boat lifts on the market, but their dedication to quality doesn’t stop there. Golden Boat Lifts is the only manufacturer in the industry to be certified by DQS to ISO 9001-2015. Golden Boat Lifts offers the superior quality hydraulic lifts that you know and love on Lake Geneva and surrounding areas. This first-class boat lift can hold a whopping 24,000 lbs, while bigger models are sold upon request. Golden uses the top-tier T6-6061 aluminum as well as stainless steel hydraulic cylinders which eliminate the possibility of rust. Golden also holds the patents for the Aluminum Multi-Bunk (US No. 10,518,852) which allows bunks to be configured to support multiple vessel styles and Air-Bellow (US No. 10,520,083) which protects hydraulic rams from unwanted marine growth.

Choose Golden Boat Lifts for your Lake Geneva retreat and experience the unmatched standard of quality they offer. When it comes to safeguarding your investment and relishing worry-free boating adventures for years to come, nothing compares to the Golden Standard of quality they bring to the table. Welcome to a future where boat lifts redefine excellence—welcome to Golden Boat Lifts.

To learn more about these sustainable products, go to, email [email protected], or contact your local representative, George Zick at 708-767-3429.

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