At Home with Hardwoods of Wisconsin

In 1955, in Dubuque, Iowa, a man named Marv Kahle opened a carpet store. It didn’t take long for that small store to expand to the largest full service flooring store in Iowa. By the early 1990’s, his son, Jeff, had moved a portion of the business across state lines into Wisconsin and found continued success. Today that flooring store has evolved into Hardwoods of Wisconsin, owned and operated by Marv’s grandson, Josh Kahle, and his business partner, Kyle Jordan.

According to Josh, the company is most frequently asked about custom finishes, and they are happy to oblige. It is no small feat. In many cases, they search the globe for products, and import them to projects in the U.S., everything from rustic reclaimed woods to formal French parquet flooring. Josh explains that in many cases, a customer will send Hardwoods of Wisconsin a piece of furniture or trim, and the team, led by Kyle, works to match the flooring to the piece. “By the time we are involved, the customer has their mind made up on what they are looking for,” he says. And Hardwoods of Wisconsin rarely has trouble making those wishes come true.

The company boasts an impressive resume. They have done custom work in both Chicago and New York, including a 19,000-square-foot rehab on the Chicago River, which features the company’s end-grain block tiles. While every job makes Josh and his team proud, he admits that one of his favorite projects in recent history was creating the floors for the very first Harry Potter retail store in New York City’s Times Square.

The staff at Hardwoods of Wisconsin prides itself on the versatility of its products. As more homeowners are choosing open floor plans for new construction and remodels, those plans often lend themselves to a single material being installed throughout the entire level, and hardwood flooring is often the best fit for a consistent look. “It makes the space feel larger and more open, resulting in better visual flow,” Josh explains.

Living the company motto — “From Forest to Floor” — Josh says that the company continues to grow and expand. Working closely with their clients and making sure their design goals are met, Hardwoods of Wisconsin in Elkhorn is sure to be a perfect partner in the design and creation of new or renovated spaces.

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