Lake Dogs 2014

Photography by Holly Leitner

A photo essay of wiggling, tail-wagging greeters, who welcome sun-drenched days at the lake – aka Lake Geneva’s lake dogs.

Muffin & Shamrock
HUMAN: Daryl Reilly
Muffin is a certified therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International
FAVORITE FOOD: Bully stick or a drip from an ice cream cone
FAVORITE LAKE ACTIVITY: Walking the path and swimming
PET PEEVE: Being left out of good times with others
NAUGHTIEST DEED: The “water shake” on people after getting out of the lake
FAVORITE TOY: Tennis ball
Byrd Dog
HUMAN: Kat Taubensee
OBSESSION: In his senior years, thoroughly catching up on the local news during his walks
FAVORITE FOOD: If it once lived on a farm or roamed an open range, he could never get enough of it
FAVORITE LAKE ACTIVITY: As a young guy, jumping off the pier or going for a boat ride. As an old guy: catching a few rays on the pier or riding in Boat #1 of Water Safety Patrol (pictured above)
PET PEEVE: Hose baths on the deck as opposed to warm baths in the tub.
NAUGHTIEST DEED: Completely annihilating two dog beds with the help of his brother, Rusty
FAVORITE TOY: A realistic rabbit toy. He tends to “taxidermy” toys, but the rabbit…it’s never been more than gently nibbled for the last 16+ years
Llewellin Setter
HUMAN: Steven Hanssen
OBSESSION: Always wanting to be with Steven and not being left behind
FAVORITE FOOD: Anything someone is eating
FAVORITE LAKE ACTIVITY: Loves to be out in the boat — watching birds and swimming
PET PEEVE: Really dislikes the top of her head being petted unless she is super tired
NAUGHTIEST DEED: Ate her bandanna from the groomer, which led to a vet visit
FAVORITE TOY: Loves the toy ropes, especially when frayed, or anything that squeaks
Rex & Duke
Golden Retrievers
HUMAN: Sheila Faber
OBSESSION: Any human food they can smell (and reach)
FAVORITE FOOD: Peanut butter
FAVORITE LAKE ACTIVITY: Swimming in Geneva Lake and watching kids fish off the pier
PET PEEVE: They get very upset and depressed when the lake season ends
NAUGHTIEST DEED: Covered two-fold, proud to be a retriever and happy to bring Sheila the many dead critters they discover
FAVORITE TOY: Tennis ball; they both sleep with them!
French Springer Spaniel
HUMAN: Tim Heine
OBSESSION: Biting at flies
FAVORITE FOOD: Russian Beluga Caviar
FAVORITE LAKE ACTIVITY: Greeting lake path walkers
PET PEEVE: People with mullets
NAUGHTIEST DEED: Eating every magazine on the coffee table
FAVORITE TOY: Duck decoy
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