Lake Dogs 2019

By Holly Leitner | Photography by Holly Leitner and Kelley Brady

Welcome to our sixth annual Lake Dogs portfolio. It’s our salute to lake-loving pups in the Geneva Lakes area, who capture the pure joy that lake living brings.

Each year, as our photographer Holly Leitner captures these photos and we compile this portfolio of images, one lesson remains the same. Our four-legged friends are blissfully happy and completely carefree. They live in the moment — the next adventure lies just ahead and if it involves water all the better.

So, sit back and enjoy our tribute to these ever- devoted and always-entertaining family members — yes, they truly are a huge part of our families. If you’re interested in adding another pup to your pack, check out Ava, Caleb and Jasper, who are currently residing at Lakeland Animal Shelter, but would love to find their forever homes at the lake!

And don’t forget to check out our book, “Lake Dogs,” featuring over 100 full-color photos of dogs who call Geneva Lake home. Click here for more information and to order your copy.

Wilson, White Labrador Retriever

Family: Jeff and Jami Graves
Favorite Lake Activity: Swimming off the pier, retrieving his white bumper Pet Peeve: Leaving the lake
Naughtiest Deed: Getting on the couch when he’s wet

Priscilla, Pug

Family: The Von Rabenaus
Favorite Lake Activities: Walking the path, lounging on the pier, cooling in the shade, swim time, listening to the quiet sounds of night
Pet Peeve: Nothing! She’s easygoing – she’s on lake time!
Naughtiest Deed: Grabbing her family’s napkins off their laps and running away. Catch her if you can!

Kallie, Boarder Collie-Retriever Mix

Family: The Eppleys
Favorite Lake Activity: Running on the ice Pet Peeve: Going inside
Naughtiest Deed: Rolling in dead fish

Sadie, Rottweiler

Family: The Reedys
Favorite Lake Activity: Blowing bubbles in the water
Pet Peeve: When her brother steals the toy
Naughtiest Deed: Visits the neighbors without an invitation

Teddy, Rottweiler

Family: The Reedys
Favorite Lake Activity: Chasing frogs
Pet Peeve: When his sister steals the toy
Naughtiest Deed: Ate his sister’s collar

Ellie, Maltipoo

Family: Five loving humans
Favorite Lake Activity: People watching at Gordy’s
Pet Peeve: Doorbell sounds on gameshows
Naughtiest Deed: Taking stuffed animals that don’t belong to me

Magic and Strider, Black Labradors

Family: The Colmans
Favorite Lake Activities: Swimming for Frisbees and “fishing” — which means staring at the fish off the pier then diving in to catch one. (They’ve never succeeded!)

Cabo, Leonberger

Family: Gregg and Jes Christenson Favorite Lake Activities: Swimming and chasing ducks
Pet Peeve: Family’s bed is too high to jump onto, and water without ice
Naughtiest Deed: When she gets herself into the swamp in the backyard

Francis, Yellow Labrador Retriever

Family: The Rigalis
Favorite Lake Activities: Jumping into Geneva Lake, swimming for a stick, floating and riding the waves
Pet Peeve: When brothers Luke and Tony leave town
Naughtiest Deed: When he has to give up toys for playing catch

Gus, English Bulldog

Family: Nathan and Meghan Quist
Favorite Lake Activity: Swimming! Unlike most bulldogs, he actually loves the water and once he’s in, it’s hard to get him out
Pet Peeve: Others touching his tail
Naughtiest Deed: He’s very stubborn and sometimes if he doesn’t want to walk he won’t, so his family members have to carry him.

Mazy, Corgi

Family: Jeff and Suzanne
Favorite Lake Activities: Being lazy and people watching
Pet Peeve: Mazy is a jealous little doggie. She often will try to get your attention if her sister is getting attention. She will also just push her out of the way because she is twice the size!
Naughtiest Deed: Unfortunately she loves to chew remote controls for the TV. No idea how many she has destroyed!

Daisy, Border Collie-Hound Mix

Family: Best friend, Cheddar (Tiger cat); full-time human companion, Alisa Jaye; cousins Wrinkles (Shar Pei) and Bentley (Miniature Pincher); favorite humans, “Grandma” Laura; and Applewood family
Favorite Lake Activities: Alternating from swimming to digging in the sand
Pet Peeve: Doggies being euthanized. Daisy was rescued just one day before being put down.
Naughtiest Deed: Following her nose and running away when she catches the scent of something.

Sprecher, Bernese Mountain Dog

Family: The Kings
Favorite Lake Activity: Getting ice cubes out of the pier cooler
Pet Peeve: Getting his nails clipped
Naughtiest Deed: Stealing his friend’s toys

Ava, German Shepherd, Age 9 *AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION*

Favorite Thing To Do: Go on long walks with her favorite people
Favorite Toy: Soft, snuggly bear
Pet Peeve: Cats!
Other Notable Attributes: Super sweet girl that is just looking for a friend to enjoy life with!

Jasper, Mini Dachshund Mix, Age 2 *AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION*

Favorite Thing To Do: Play in the water
Favorite Toy: Squeaky bear
Pet Peeve: Not enough time to play in the water
Other Notable Attributes: If you want a playmate with boundless energy who also loves a good snuggle, Jasper is your man!

Caleb, Bull Terrier Mix, Age 3 *AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION*

Favorite Thing To Do: Sit in the sunshine with my friends
Favorite Toy: Peanut butter filled Kong
Pet Peeve: Not enough peanut butter in my Kong!
Other Notable Attributes: Caleb is a fun guy that loves to walk, explore and just sit with you on a bench and enjoy the sunshine!

Buddy, Golden Retriever

Family: Gail and Sam Ranzulla
Favorite Lake Activity: Swimming
Pet Peeve: Not eating what you’re eating
Naughtiest Deed: Pulled the stuffing out of a sofa so it looked like it had snowed in the living room

Shorty, Cairn Terrier

Family: Gail and Sam Ranzulla
Favorite Lake Activity: Barking at dogs in the lake
Pet Peeve: His paws touched

Maggie, Golden Retriever

Family: The O’Briens – Matt, Karen, Carly, Katelyn and Lauren
Favorite Lake Activity: Playing fetch in the lake in Williams Bay
Pet Peeve: Waiting for sweet potatoes to come out of the oven
Naughtiest Deed: Stealing socks and all the cozy spots on the sofa

Cooper, Golden Retriever

Family: Kim Schaid and Andy Oja
Favorite Lake Activities: Swimming after his floaty toy, paddle boarding and boating
Pet Peeve: Walking on a leash to get to the lake. (Sprinting off leash towards the water is more his style.)
Naughtiest Deed: Stealing socks

Millie, Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-Poodle Mix)

Family: The Foertsches
Favorite Lake Activities: Lakeshore walks and swimming in the lake
Pet Peeves: FOMO (fear of missing out) and when my family can’t take me everywhere with them.
Naughtiest Deed: Getting off the leash and running around the greens at Abbey Springs

Echo, German Shepherd

Family: Six brothers and sisters – she is the baby
Favorite Lake Activity: Watching people swim
Pet Peeve: She does not like to cuddle, unless she wants to cuddle Naughtiest Deed: Lounging on the couch and beds

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