3 Ways to Light a Kitchen

By Rachel Wisinski | Photos by Chris Kayser (left), Shanna Wolf (middle & right)

1. Island pendants

Kitchen islands have increased in size over time, so opt for larger pendants that resemble a small chandelier or other statement pieces over the island to draw the eye to that space. You can also stick with smaller lighting fixtures, and simply increase the number of them for longer islands.

2. Overhead lighting

The latest trends in overhead lighting incorporate a decorative fixture at the center of the room. This can take the form of everything from a traditional chandelier to a modern, industrial- inspired fixture.

3. Spotlighting

To highlight collections of dishes, wine bottles, cookbooks or other treasured items in the kitchen, add smaller puck lights inside glass-faced or mesh-faced kitchen cabinets. Spotlighting can also be used to showcase artwork on the walls or other decorative elements in the room.

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