Remembering Richard Driehaus

By Barb Krause

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Richard Driehaus. Mr. Driehaus was always open to our requests to photograph and write about his Lake Geneva estate, Glanworth Gardens, for the purpose of sharing its history and Mr. Driehaus’ preservation efforts (which were substantial). Many are also familiar with the fundraising events held at the estate for various local nonprofits, and the popular fireworks display for his July birthday party that everyone looked forward to watching, on land or by boat (or at the party, if you were lucky enough to attend).

Perhaps the most significant contribution to our community was the installation of the Driehaus Family Fountain, in front of the Riviera Ballroom.

The stunning bronze replica of the “Angel of the Waters” fountain in New York City’s Central Park was donated to the City of Lake Geneva by Mr. Driehaus in 2004. With one hand holding a lily (evoking purity) and the other extended toward the cascading water, the original artist, Emma Stebbins (the first female ever to receive a commission from New York City) beautifully embodied the healing powers of clean water—essential to the health of any community. This has been close to the heart of the people of New York City, as well as the people of Lake Geneva, whose waters are truly the lifeblood of their community. Below the angel stand four figures, which signify peace, health, purity and temperance.

Lake Geneva has lost a great friend in Richard Driehaus, but his legacy will live on in the work he has done throughout our community.

Read more about Richard’s impact on the Lake Geneva area here:

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