Spring 2018

Building a Legacy

Local company Heritage Beam & Board is breathing new life into reclaimed materials through lovingly-crafted furniture and fixtures.

Q&A Thomas and Kathy George

To celebrate our 12th annual “At Home” section, At The Lake turned to this down-to-earth couple for their thoughts on home furnishings, design and décor.

A Window To The Past

Once upon a time, small town department stores were as much a gathering place as they were a retail establishment. An anchor before the term “anchor store” was coined, their presence paved the way for other businesses in historic downtown districts.

Walking in History’s Footsteps

The Geneva Lake Shore Path, especially when the weather begins to warm and the smell of freshly cut grass hangs in the air, has a timeless feel about it. Along the water’s edge, its landmarks greet those who pass year after year.

Dental Care on the Move

A collaborative effort between Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Department of Health Services and Delta Dental of Wisconsin, the Seal-A-Smile program provides oral health education, screening, sealant placement and fluoride varnish application free of charge to elementary school students.

Pizza Night!

Young and old alike — adventure seekers or railroad buffs shouldn’t pass up the chance to take a trip on the East Troy Electric Railroad. Their pizza train is an especially delicious option for the whole family.

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

It’s now time to revisit eggs, which are truly a superfood. First, they are a dieter’s friend. Two eggs are a mere 150 calories. Secondly, they have a lot of protein — 7 grams per egg, which is more than most “protein bars” and equal to meat or fish on a calorie for calorie basis.

Architect of Timeless Grace

For those who appreciate historic estates with a genteel classical influence, the Lake Geneva homes designed by the Chicago architect Howard Van Doren Shaw may prove to be the homes that truly steal their hearts.

Bon Appétit!

Chef John Bogan shares his culinary knowledge and ensures the cooking is always fun and the dining always delicious at the Lake Geneva School of Cooking.