Summer 2014

Fine Dining in Lake Geneva

What is fine dining? Generally, it means somewhat more expensive fare (no burgers or pizza), showcasing the real culinary talents of the chefs who create the menus. We decided to try six fine dining restaurants in Lake Geneva and report our findings here.

Say Yes to Yoga!

The beauty of yoga is that it provides many physical and psychological benefits, and researchers are constantly revealing new evidence to support the practice.

Moonlighting on the Lake

It’s all hands-on deck as many local educators return to Lake Geneva Cruise Line for another summer aboard the Lake Geneva Cruise Line’s eight vintage vessels.

Natural Beauty

Nestled in a rustic farm setting on a 19th Century dairy farm, Northwind Perennial Farm houses over 300 species of perennials, shrubs, native plants and ornamental grasses, many of which are available for sale in the garden shop and nursery.