ALIVE Rescue Creating a Future For Animals Without One

ALIVE Rescue, a no-kill animal rescue based in Chicago, is opening a new shelter and sanctuary in Salem Lakes, just 20 minutes east of Lake Geneva. “The Big Barn” will be a 4,800-square-foot facility on 70 acres and it will house up to 30 dogs and puppies when it opens in late spring or summer.

The shelter will have two whelping rooms for pregnant and nursing dogs; a retirement room for any dogs needing long-term housing; two specially designed suites for dogs experiencing behavior issues; 16 regular dog suites; a grooming room; and large indoor play areas to use during inclement weather.

In addition to the shelter, there will be a 24-hour care unit for dogs with medical conditions staffed by a fulltime member living on site in their Rescue House. The Rescue House will be located steps away from The Big Barn and will offer individual sleeping rooms where dogs can rest with a volunteer/staff member monitoring them throughout the night.

ALIVE Rescue’s mission is based on their belief that every animal deserves a full life, and they choose to take in animals that other adoption organizations may overlook, including seniors, unpopular breeds and pets with special needs. “We really get to know our dogs and work with them constantly,” says Kristen Gerali, founder of ALIVE Rescue. “We try to pair our dogs well, and that makes our return rate very low.”

The Big Barn’s project budget is just over a $1 million, and so far, ALIVE Rescue has raised $485,000. Right now, the organization is looking for support from the community in order to complete construction. Naming rights are available. For more details, visit

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