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It is no surprise that our moods are very often affected by the spaces in which we spend our time. Spaces with beautiful designs often make us feel welcome, comfortable and warm, while spaces with poor designs can make us feel crowded, cold or even irritable.

To test this theory, consider for a moment the design of a commercial healthcare lobby, and now think about your own home’s living room, which likely features softer lamplights, cozier furniture and comforting colors and textures. Where would you rather be?

Making ANY space into one that perfectly combines purpose and beauty can be a challenge, but it can be achieved with the help of Garrett Cheyne and the staff at Curate Design Group in Delavan.

The company started in 2016, opened its first showroom in 2018, and is now expanding to a new design studio in Delavan this spring/summer. Cheyne is the owner and principal designer at Curate, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field.

“One of our favorite projects that we had the opportunity to design is The Bottleworks Hotel Indianapolis,” he said. “This 1920 historic property was originally a Coca-Cola bottling plant. Today it stands as a 139-
room boutique hotel for the modern traveler. We were asked to keep a lot of the original details and finishes, incorporating our classic and modern design style that we have become known for.”

Curate Design Group works in both residential and commercial/ hospitality spaces, but one element is common throughout all the firm’s work: making sure clients feel confident in their choices and completely satisfied with the finished projects.

For many home or business owners, deciding how to design a space can be challenging, and even stressful. But Cheyne says that the experts at Curate are ready and willing to lend a hand and help customers who don’t know where to begin.

“We have experts in every field that know the ins and outs of their trade, and there is nothing like doing it right the first time,” Cheyne says. “We know how to elevate what our clients are trying to convey in a way that they could never imagine.”

One of the ways in which they do this is by using materials which make their designs unique to each particular project. In many cases, this is accomplished by using antique, vintage, one-of-a-kind or custom-designed products.

Cheyne says this kind of attention to detail and design really comes to fruition when clients collaborate with experts who care deeply about the work they do. “Our designs and clients over the years speak volumes about our work and overall style,” he says. “We eat, sleep and breathe design. It never shuts off for us.”

Whether you’d like your kitchen to transport you to an Italian villa or your living room to take you to the seashore, it starts with a goal. If you don’t know where to begin, call Curate or stop into their showroom in Delavan. “Every client brings a new set of challenges to the table, and we live for that,” Cheyne says. “If you don’t know where to begin, it really just starts with a simple phone call.”

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