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Lake Geneva — one of the most scenic and naturally beautiful destinations enjoyed by those who find the need to occasionally be “the tourist” and briefly run away from home, or those who take up permanent residence lakeside. Not confusing given the main attraction — the incredible lake.

As winter temps fade and the bustle of spring activities begin again, it is also a time to “spring” into managing the exterior cleanup that cycles each year.

Maybe you haven’t heard of us before now, but House Shampoo has earned the community’s trust and reputation as the leader in roof and exterior cleaning and restoration in the Lake Geneva area and beyond.

In part, this can be attributed to the expertise that we possess, having a comprehensive history as business owners in all areas of exterior building construction. Knowing exterior feature vulnerabilities and strengths is critically important to the course taken in how they are safely cleaned and restored. What makes us unique in this field is our ongoing investment in the latest technology, our processes, and our personally designed equipment all required to flawlessly operate our proprietary solution-based cleaning system. This system enables us to work on complex, immense lake properties with expansive architectural features that simply require customized treatments. Our delivery system is foundational to our business and alleviates the risks for damage or sub-par cleaning results that traditional power washing methods are known for. Power washing methods are only appropriate for rugged materials like stone, pavers and concrete. The results we achieve are three to five times better and last longer than power washing. But seeing is believing, so consider visiting our website to view our work:

House Shampoo has acquired a diverse menagerie of clients. They range from neighborhood homeowners to many locally visible and renowned celebrities, business owners, builders, property managers and real estate brokers. Over the 10 years we have worked in the area, we have cleaned hundreds of luxury lake homes, as well as some highly recognizable iconic properties. Each and every day that we go to work, we give thanks for the incredible privilege we experience having these opportunities available to us.

A recent project — worth mentioning due to its profound nature — was a historical cemetery where we were hired to clean and restore every gravestone. Many of the monuments were covered in excess algae and lichen growth and were unreadable. Long forgotten, we revitalized over 850 headstones dating back to the 1700s. More reason why we truly love what we’ve been called to do and why our motto is, “If it needs cleaning, House Shampoo has THE solution!”

We can’t help but feel immense gratitude for the many relationships we have made by simply cleaning exteriors and we look forward to continued growth by God’s grace.

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