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Whether you are looking at an empty space in your home or feel the need to change up an already-decorated space, you are not alone! Renovations, new styles and other design changes can be a daunting task. Interior designer Lidia Pastiu has faced these challenges head-on. With over 30 years of hands-on experience, including architecture, construction and decorating, Pastiu is an expert in her field. She taps into this deep knowledge and experience, together with her husband Nick, to create custom projects to please every client.

The Fontana location is the perfect place to house their current businesses: Lidia Design, a comprehensive interior design firm; Nick’s Upholstery, custom furniture, upholstery or restoration of old pieces and antiques with a vast fabric gallery to help assist in any project; and Lake Home Living, a home-goods store that evolved out of Lidia and Nick’s passion for furniture and old pieces that have unique styles and good quality, preserved,

transformed and updated for today’s lifestyles. Lake Home Living is also the home store for the Fontana C. Frog landmark that many in the community grew up with, playing miniature golf and enjoying family time back in the day. “We love hearing the stories of those that come by, sharing a bit of memory with us,” Lidia says.

“Lake Home Living is a hidden gem,” she continues. “After nine years of being in Fontana, we realize that there are still customers who are discovering us, admiring the pleasant surroundings and absorbing all that the store has to offer.”

The store offers many unique furniture pieces perfect for the lake homes or smaller cottages in many different styles: from mid-century modern, farm style, nautical, contemporary and modern to antiques and traditional. Furniture and accessories for the home are available for the taking. The store merchandise is carefully selected by Lidia, which gives her the ability to draw from many of these items and incorporate them into her customer’s home designs. “In a world where quality has been done away with and the ‘disposable mentality’ is everywhere we turn, we still cherish what has been instilled in us, striving to provide the best possible service and quality in all we do. We give each customer the best we have to offer,” Lidia says.

Lidia’s current success is the result of her past experiences, including a degree in interior design and an early career working at an architectural firm, giving her valuable insight into construction (both new and historic), remodeling, project management and so much more. She uses this knowledge to guide material selections and many other aspects of interior design. By combining this expertise with the craftsmanship and knowledge of textiles gained from working alongside Nick’s Upholstery, Lidia has been able to fine-tune her skill set and push past the competition.

What truly sets Lidia Design apart from others offering similar services is Lidia’s drive to truly understand her clients’ needs. “When it comes to truly helping your customers to fulfill their needs and desires, you must really take the time to get to know them,” Pastiu explains. Whether a space is a new build or full remodel, is in need of new furnishings, window treatments, lighting or decor, Lidia uses her expertise to create lasting and stylish results while respecting the existing architecture.

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