Sweet Smell of Success

A new business in Lake Geneva’s downtown district is thriving and others around it are benefitting, too. The premise of the Candle Mercantile, at 870 W. Main St., is unlike anything else in the city. Customers create a custom- scented candle and while waiting for it to cure they’re encouraged to enjoy all that Lake Geneva has to offer – from shopping to dining to a boat tour on Lake Geneva Cruise Line.

Best friends for over 30 years, Leigh Ann Myers and Liz Doyle thought they had a solid business plan when they took the plunge and opened the store June 6, but they’ve been thrilled with the response from fellow business owners. “We’ve heard from so many that just say, ‘thanks’ for suggesting their shops and restaurants to our customers,” says Myers.

Both Myers and Doyle, are veterans of corporate America and wanted to put their business expertise to work for themselves. The two had talked about several options but after Myers saw a similar business in Pittsburgh, the two decided this was the perfect venture for downtown Lake Geneva.

The Candle Mercantile is about creating candles but so much more. Its fun, interactive atmosphere encourages collaboration as customers choose from 90 fragrances — everything from sugar cookie to bacon — to create jar candles, wax tarts, body scents, room sprays or reed diffusers. And although 90 fragrance options might sound overwhelming, Myers and Doyle coach each customer as they select the scents that achieve their goal, whether it’s beachy and fresh or has overtones of fall with hints of cinnamon and apple.

During the process, customers can enjoy a glass of wine or a beer as they fine-tune their combination of three fragrance oils. Once the customer is satisfied, the “recipe” for their scent is carefully documented and Doyle and Myers go to work to create the finished product. It’s at this stage they tell their customers to explore the downtown district. If they’re headed to dinner, for a drink or to do a little shopping, Doyle’s son gladly offers to deliver their creation to them about 90 minutes later.

The Candle Mercantile, according to Myers and Doyle, is the perfect location for bachelorette parties, bridal and baby showers, birthday parties, team building events for businesses, holiday parties and girls’ night out adventures. Reservations are required for groups of five or more.

To learn more about the business and to check fall hours, visit thecandlemercantile.com.

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