In Memoriam

By Anne Morrissy

Over the past 25 years, At The Lake has been lucky enough to work directly with many community leaders, business owners, photographers, researchers and philanthropists. Their passion for the area and their commitment to preserving its history has enhanced our coverage on countless pages across a quarter century of published stories, profiles and photo essays. On the occasion of our 25th anniversary, we take a moment to honor the memory of those we have lost.

Richard Driehaus (1942-2021)

Philanthropist and historic preservationist Driehaus purchased Lake Geneva’s Wadsworth Hall in 1999 and spared no expense restoring the 1907 Georgian Revival home to its full glory. Following that restoration, Driehaus was instrumental in the formation of the Lake Geneva Beautification Committee, donating the funds for the addition of the Driehaus Family Plaza in front of the Riviera, including the replica “Angel of the Waters” fountain, which now anchors the plaza. For more than 20 years, Driehaus’ annual birthday fireworks display was a beloved Geneva Lake tradition.

Randy Streblow (1945-2011)

After apprenticing under his father from the age of 12, boat builder Streblow took over the leadership of his family’s Walworth company in 2003 and went on to mentor an entire generation of local wooden boat builders. In 2011 and 2021, local Streblow owners gathered for “Wake the Lake,” parading down the lake at sunrise to honor Streblow’s memory.

Bruce Thompson (1947-2020)

Talented fine art photographer Thompson shot several of the photos that graced the cover of At The Lake during our first decade, while maintaining a popular gallery in Walworth where he sold his work. His photos of such local favorites as wooden speedboats, iceboats and the Geneva Lake shoreline helped to shape our magazine into what it is today.

Harold Hartshorne Jr. (1918-2013)

Longtime Lake Geneva resident and generous philanthropist Hartshorne was a fixture in many local organizations, including the Lake Geneva YMCA and Horticultural Hall, both supported by his grandfather Simeon B. Chapin, as well as Music by the Lake, the Lake Geneva Public Library, Lake Geneva’s Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion and George Williams College of Aurora University.

James Dresser (1925-2011)

Architect and former apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin, Dresser left his mark on the Geneva Lake area when he designed the Lake Geneva Public Library, a building he created in a distinctly Wright-ian style. The building was dedicated in 1954.

Joy Rasin (1937-2021)

A passionate philanthropist who spent summers in Lake Geneva throughout her life, Rasin contributed her significant talents, resources and knowledge of gardening to local organizations, serving on boards and steering committees of such local institutions as Black Point Estate and Gardens, the Lake Geneva Garden Club and Horticultural Hall in Lake Geneva.

Gary Gygax (1938-2008)

Inventor and game innovator (and Lake Geneva native) Gygax created the internationally beloved game Dungeons and Dragons, founding TSR, Inc. in Lake Geneva in 1974 for the purpose of producing and distributing the new game. Following D&D’s phenomenal success, the company went on to create a full roster of game expansions, novels and even an animated television show. Today, Gygax’s memory is honored as part of the Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum in Lake Geneva.

Gwen Tveter (1928-2020)

Local historian and author Gwen Tveter served as the founder and president of the Royal Joy Williams chapter of the Questers, and in that role, she volunteered her talents to helping establish the Geneva Lake Museum at its current site on Mill Street. As the first director of Black Point Historic Preserve, she was instrumental in the process of the property’s transition from private ownership to its current status as a Wisconsin Historical Society public tour site. Additionally, Tveter co-authored “The Black Point Legacy,” a book about its history.

Doris Reinke (1922-2018)

A writer and a dedicated historian of the Geneva Lake area, Reinke was instrumental in placing Elkhorn’s Webster House on the National Register of Historic Places. She served as president of the Walworth County Historical Society (WCHS) and collected its archives for many years. Today, the WCHS maintains the Doris M. Reinke Resource Center in her honor.

Ray Strobel (1944-2020)

Local author Strobel used his experiences living and socializing in the Geneva Lake area as the inspiration for 10 unique books, including “The Ultimate Cat’s Catalog,” “Fifty- Eight Things to Do With Your Dog” and “How to Raise a Super Child.”

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