Lake Dogs 2015

By Holly Leitner

We salute all you lake dogs who remind us of what life is all about. You co-captain our boats, chillax on the pier and sometimes even walk on water, or paddle board.  You teach us that it’s truly the journey — walk, boat ride — not the destination.  You remind us to jump right in, no matter the water temperature. You teach us to let our hair down, and forget about what we look like when we’re at the lake. You remind us that there is always time to play. And, you show us how to just shake off our cares. Most importantly, you remind us to smile, because we’re at the lake.

Cesar, Finley and Riley

BREED: Golden Retrievers (Riley – Rescue)

HUMAN: Candy Kirchberg

FAVORITE HOBBIES: Cesar – Loves to sink a ball in the water and then fish it out. Finley – Flies off the pier and can fetch two balls at once. Riley – Happiest in the arms of a child throwing her head backwards, tongue hanging out laughing.

FAVORITE PLACES: Cesar – The lake, kayaking with Mom, convertible car rides. Finley – Diving into the lake and convertible car rides. Riley – The lake, dog park and convertible car rides (head up over the windshield).

PET PEEVES: Cesar – Smoke detectors. Finley – Any kind of grooming. Riley – Toys all in a bucket – she wants to take them out again.


BREED: Rottweiler

HUMANS:  Scot, Brooke, Logan, Grayson & Ryann Grunow

FAVORITE HOBBIES: Loves hanging out with his humans at the lake, whether it’s swimming, paddle boarding with one of his boys, taking a quick ride on the waverunner or joining in a game of King of the Raft. He just likes to do whatever his family is doing!

FAVORITE PLACE: The family pier on the south shore of Geneva Lake

PET PEEVE: Unannounced guests, bunnies in his yard. His family riding on the golf cart without him.

Trixie and her son Dash

BREED: Wire Fox Terriers

HUMANS: Janice and Mike Gannon

FAVORITE HOBBIES: Boat rides and swimming

FAVORITE PLACE: Williams Bay Shore Path

PET PEEVE: Too much snow makes the Shore Path tough to walk


BREED: Golden Retriever

HUMAN: Andy and Robin Kubicsko

FAVORITE HOBBY: Jumping in the lake


PET PEEVE: Not being allowed to roll in the dirt when soaking wet


BREED: Siberian Husky (Rescue)


FAVORITE HOBBY: After spending so much time with her Retriever friends, she is starting to like the water and fetch tennis balls.

FAVORITE PLACES: Long walks on the Shore Path and gardening with Mom.

PET PEEVE: Woofs continuously while her food is being prepared

Maybelline and Wiley

BREED: Wiley is a Chinese Crested and Maybelline is a Chihuahua mix (Rescues from Lakeland Animal Shelter)

HUMAN: Lynda Nelson


FAVORITE HOBBIES: Good sniffs and canine excitement at the docks

PET PEEVES: Wiley – When Maybelline does not appreciate his need to sniff every piece of foliage along the lake path. Maybelline – When Wiley is always trying to walk in front of her.


BREED: Labradoodle

HUMAN: Amy Klug

FAVORITE HOBBIES: Swimming or paddle boarding

FAVORITE PLACE: Anywhere in the water especially on hot days!

PET PEEVE: Squirrel


BREED: English Setter (Rescue)

HUMANS: Jack & Maria Sunta

FAVORITE HOBBIES: Bird watching on the lake

FAVORITE PLACE: Country Club Estates pier

PET PEEVE: The deer browsing in his garden


BREED: Golden doodle

HUMAN: Leo Somerville

FAVORITE HOBBIES: Posing for photography at the lake and kayaking

FAVORITE PLACE: Music by the Lake at George Williams College

PET PEEVE: People who drop garbage on the lake path


BREED: Newfoundland (female)

HUMANS: Dona & Mike Austin and Denise Castonguay

FAVORITE HOBBIES: Walking the Shore Path and taking a swim in the lake

FAVORITE PLACE: Uihlein Point between Fontana and Williams Bay

PET PEEVE: When people walk by and don’t offer a good ear rub or kiss.

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