Local Artists Enrich the Lake Geneva Area

By Sthefanie Padilla

The scenic beauty of the Lake Geneva area has inspired many artists throughout the years, from an early arts colony in nearby Delavan that was associated with the Art Institute of Chicago to the modern-day Geneva Lake Arts Foundation, which provides support and gallery space to local artists at Gallery 223 in downtown Lake Geneva. The diverse creative works created by local artists captivate audiences with their unique perspectives and cover a wide range of media, from traditional oil paints and photography to sculpture and balloon art.

Here is a quick introduction to some of the local artists enriching the community with their creative spirit:

William (Billy) Bishop

A resident of Williams Bay, Bishop is an artist whose work seamlessly blends realism with abstract elements, creating compositions that exude a dreamlike quality. Over the past decade, his style has evolved to incorporate a fair amount of abstraction, juxtaposed with the realism of subjects meticulously laid onto canvas. This stylistic approach is evident not only in his paintings, but also in his charcoal and graphite drawings, where his unique vision shines through. Among his most popular subjects are ravens and crows, which he portrays with depth and intricacy.

Silvie Sturm-Meyer

A talented wood carver, painter and devoted beekeeper, Sturm-Meyer finds her creative inspiration in the intricate beauty of nature. For Sturm-Meyer, wood is not just a medium, it is a canvas that resonates deeply with her senses and emotions. She breathes new life into reclaimed wood, infusing each piece with a sense of purpose and vitality. Sturm-Meyer’s artwork transcends traditional boundaries, as she transforms sustainably sourced wood planks, bark and logs into unique pieces of fine art. Her creations, rich with texture and character, are a testament to her passion for both art and environmental sustainability.

James Del Boccio of Designs by J Martin

This artist works in the media of glass art and jewelry. Hailing from Elkhorn, Del Boccio’s creations are diverse and eye-catching. From Swarovski crystal rings to intricate stained glass pieces, his artwork exudes beauty and craftsmanship. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand, reflecting Del Boccio’s dedication to his craft and his passion for creating one-of-a-kind treasures. With options for custom work available, Del Boccio invites people to collaborate with him, bringing their visions to life in stunning glass creations that are as unique as they are meaningful.

Sara Meyer of Wisconsin Balloon Decor

Meyer is not just the owner of Wisconsin Balloon Decor in Lake Geneva; she is a visionary artist who elevates the art of balloon sculpture. With a keen eye for detail and a boundless imagination, Meyer transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary realms filled with color, whimsy and joy. Her creations are more than just balloon sculptures, they are expressions of creativity and wonder. Whether it is an elegant balloon arch framing a wedding ceremony, an elaborate centerpiece adorning a corporate event or an immersive display like the Balloon Adventure, which is currently running at Williams Bay’s Pier 290 through April 21st!), Meyer’s designs leave a lasting impression on all who see them. Meyer’s art imbues spaces with a touch of magic, turning moments into memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Susan Alter

Alter, a local artist from Lake Geneva, showcases her talent through an array of mediums, including watercolor, acrylic and mixed media. With each piece, Alter brings a sense of unpredictability and freshness, as well as her innovative approach and unique perspective. Her ability to seamlessly blend different mediums results in dynamic compositions that leave an impression on all who encounter them.

Suzanne Tsamardinos

A native of nearby Burlington and a member of the Geneva Lake Arts Foundation, Tsamardinos draws her inspiration from the picturesque landscapes that surround her, including the serene lakes, lush forests and bustling outdoor vitality of the area. These natural wonders serve as the primary subjects of Tsamardinos’s paintings, reflecting her deep appreciation for the harmony between nature and urban life. Tsamardinos’s artistic journey has been one of exploration and self-discovery, with acrylic and watercolor mediums serving as her chosen vehicles for expression. Through her art, Suzanne captures the essence of her surroundings, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty and tranquility of the world around them.  

Caroll A. Pearson

Pearson’s photographic style is distinguished by a formal approach that accentuates composition in harmony with the elements of art. With a penchant for still life, architecture and abstraction, Pearson’s favorite subjects reflect a diverse range of visual interests. In her recent work, she explores the interplay of glass, sunlight, reflection and shadow, creating images that transcend ordinary perception.

Tiffany Fisher

As a self-taught artist, Fisher channels her creativity primarily through the vibrant medium of acrylics, breathing life into her canvases with bold strokes and captivating colors. Beyond painting, Fisher also displays her talent through the creation of wire jewelry, each piece a testament to her unique artistic vision. Fisher also shares her love for the craft with the community by teaching painting classes at the local high school and hosting private painting events.

Anía Perrone

Perrone is a versatile artist whose creative journey spans across various mediums and techniques. From landscapes and seascapes to portraits, botanicals, animals and insects, Perrone’s artwork reflects her passion for capturing the essence of life in its many forms. Beyond painting, her love for textiles manifests itself in intricate macramé and loom creations, while her wire-wrapped jewelry designs feature natural gemstones.

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