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By Lauren Eve | Photography by Holly Leitner

Stephanie Huttner, a local interior and event designer, recently founded the Lake Geneva Picnic Company to create a luxurious and personal lakeside experience for residents and tourists. By drawing on her expertise in interior design and years in the wedding industry as an event stylist, Huttner founded her new company to create unique and luxurious picnic experiences in the Geneva Lake area. Huttner uses guests’ preferences to select colors and patterns to create a dreamy, Instagram-worthy aesthetic, and applies her polished styling techniques to deliver a curated picnic experience. We recently sat down with Huttner for more details about her new business.

ATL: What inspired you to create the Lake Geneva Picnic Company?

Stephanie Huttner: I wanted to create a high-end guest experience like I have [in the past] for weddings, but on a smaller, more intimate scale. That’s when I realized that, with the support of local vendors, picnics would be the ultimate luxury experience. It has truly been an awesome experience!

ATL: What can guests expect from the Lake Geneva Picnic Company?

SH: They can choose everything from colors to themes. No two picnics are the same. We include the table(s), flowers by [Lake Geneva’s] Lilypots, decor and food all designed by local vendors. We also provide a standard, stocked picnic basket with all the essentials, including a Polaroid camera, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, a Bluetooth speaker, fans, umbrellas and more depending on the season. Your only job is to come and enjoy!

ATL: Where can guests have their picnics set up?

SH: Just about anywhere! Library Park is one of our favorite, and most highly requested, locations with beautiful views of the lake! We have also set up picnics in backyards, sunrooms and front porches. The possibilities are endless!

ATL: What were some of the challenges you face?

SH: The only challenge we have faced is the change in weather. We can easily pivot to set up indoors or outdoors. Regardless of where we are, we will be creating something memorable and beautiful, and we are available year-round!

ATL: What kind of occasions lend themselves to a picnic?

SH: We can do engagements, baby showers, date nights, company outings, weekend getaways, brunch or anything our guests want to make memorable.

ATL: What is your hope for the future of the Lake Geneva Picnic Company?

SH: These picnics are a great opportunity to connect with friends and family and celebrate in a new way, while surrounded by the beauty of our area. I hope that this unique service will become one of those “must-do” sort of things for visitors, and that we continue to expand our offerings through collaboration with other local businesses.

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