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We’ve all done it: watched someone on TV paint a room and thought, “I could totally do that: how tough can it be?” But then we pick up a brush or a roller and begin the painting project, only to find out how difficult the job really is! The color does not cover evenly, the old color starts to bleed through and the edge where the ceiling meets the wall is a nightmare. Within hours of starting the project, we wish we had called the professionals from the very beginning.

Enter D&K Painting, Inc. owned by Dan and Kim Jelinek and based in St. Charles, Illinois and Fontana, Wisconsin. D&K Painting, Inc specializes in both exterior and interior painting, and services both the Fox Valley area in Illinois and the Lake Geneva area in Wisconsin. The company also offers small drywall repair, deck refinishing, pier cleaning and painting, custom staining and refinishing of cabinets and staircases and full-service power washing of everything from building exteriors to sidewalks and patios.

Truly a family-owned business, Dan started the company after working in his high school’s work-training program as a painter. Today, more than 20 years later, Kim runs the office, and the couple’s high-school-aged daughter helps on the job sites during the summer months, and in the office during the school year.

“Dan has always been interested in bringing out the best in his jobs,” Kim says. “We all enjoy the gratification of seeing what we can accomplish, and we have enjoyed the challenges that painting can bring.”

Painting is very often a task that homeowners feel they can tackle themselves, but Dan says the best reason to hire a professional is because “straight lines matter: the preparation on the job matters and the details matter.”

This year, the company will tackle several new projects, including a log home on one of the local lakes. Dan says they are excited to work on such a unique home. “We love preserving homes, bringing homes back to life and even giving them a whole new look with paint. The best compliment we can get is when we can paint [a client’s] house in Illinois and their house in Wisconsin. We want to earn your trust, loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.”

So, what is the hot new color for 2024? As it has been for a while, Kim says gray is still extremely popular. If you’ve already done that and want to update your space, she suggests that adding an accent color can make a big difference.

“A great example of this is Benjamin Moore’s 2024 Color of The Year, Blue Nova. “This color has a classic appeal,” Kim says. “It is neutral, but still has depth. The cooler color has a warm undertone and looks different in various lighting. Whatever color you choose, you need to feel drawn into the space and very comfortable.”

No matter what color you choose or what you need done, Dan and Kim say their main goal is to get the job done right. “We clean up after our work and care about your house as if it was ours,” Dan says. “We are all about the prep and finish details. We care about our business, reputation and customers.”

Kim agrees. “Dan works on the job sites, and quality, safety, professionalism and honesty are our top priorities,” she explains. “Let us paint your pad, we will vacuum our way out!”

D&K Painting has received numerous awards including the 2014 Historic Preservation Award from the city of Geneva, Illinois.

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