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As the temperatures begin to rise and Wisconsin begins to thaw, many homeowners are ready to open their windows and enjoy some fresh air. But what happens when the cool breeze is still coming in after the windows are closed? Or, how about trying to open a window, but feeling like you need all your strength just to get it to open smoothly?

Just like many other elements of our homes, windows won’t last forever, but it is possible for them to last for decades, even in the Midwest, which can be a particularly harsh climate for home maintenance. With the wide range of temperatures from summer to winter, and everything from wind and snow to hail and heavy rains, making windows last as long as possible is due in part to the use of only the best materials. Soberg Window & Door Company owner Troy Soberg says there’s none better than Infinity® from Marvin®.

Soberg Window & Door Company prides itself on one motto: “Do it once, do it right.” And while many companies offer a wide range of home-improvement services, Soberg specializes in replacing residential windows and doors — and that’s all. Soberg explains that the idea is simple: do one thing and do it well.

“Our [Infinity from Marvin] windows are fiberglass, which hold up to the elements better than any other materials on the market,” he explains. “We do not sell vinyl or wood products, as they are inferior products.”

While having a stellar product is one thing, having your window-replacement project well-managed and expertly installed is also important. Soberg says that the initial task of window-replacement can feel daunting, but by enlisting the help of professionals, it can be much easier!

“Researching windows can be very overwhelming for a homeowner and there are a lot of high-pressure window replacement companies that will take advantage of people,” he says. “We are NOT high pressure, and we try to make the entire process as painless as possible.”

If you think you might be ready to replace your windows, Soberg recommends starting with a simple phone call to set up an appointment in which the company can assess the old windows and talk about the Infinity from Marvin products available.

“We then give a no-obligation quote to the homeowner,” he says. “From there we hope to continue and do business with you. That is just the start for us. We then handle every aspect of the process from the installation and even beyond.”

Soberg reiterates that while there is no way to necessarily determine the lifespan of the windows in a home,
in most cases, simply replacing old windows with new and more efficient ones can solve many problems. Soberg and his staff are dedicated to doing things right. Most projects take only 1-3 days to complete, and the company is dedicated to making sure one project is done before moving on to the next one.

“We have the best crew here at Soberg Window & Door. We make sure, no matter what, that our customers are happy and satisfied from start to finish,” he says. “Customers not only buy from us for the product we sell, but they also buy because of us! We are selling ourselves and our reputation, and that’s what separates us from anyone else!”

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