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Transport yourself to 1955: Marv Kahle opens a small store in Dubuque, Iowa, specializing in carpeting. Throughout the next few decades, the store grows and begins to sell additional materials, and by the 1990s, Marv’s son Jeff has moved to Wisconsin to take over the interior project management for a large project. The business continues to grow, and by the beginning of the early 2000s, it is clear that most design projects are moving toward the use of hardwood flooring.

Now working well into the 21st century, Jeff’s son Josh Kahle and business partner Kyle Jordan remain at the helm of Hardwoods of Wisconsin, but the business and the family has grown to include additional products, people, talents and areas of expertise. Josh’s wife, Jamie, helps with payroll, bookkeeping and secretarial duties, and their two young sons will soon be pushing brooms around and stacking wood. “The Hardwoods of Wisconsin Family (or, quite literally, families) bring many different strengths and experiences to the job in order to deliver some of the most interesting, reliable and beautifully hand-crafted and manufactured products on the market today,” Josh says.

Kyle Jordan, who was made partner after a few years of being involved with the Hardwoods of Wisconsin family, runs the day-to-day operations and specializes in making furniture. “We are excited about adding custom- made furniture to complement our custom-made flooring,” he explains.

Kyle and his aunt, Lisa, work closely together; Lisa has a visual arts background that she uses for designing furniture and signs. “Lisa’s eye for detail is perfect for some of the more complex jobs like creating and finishing handmade wooden vents,” Josh explains. “We also have a father-and- son team with more than 10 years’ collective experience in the shop.”

While they offer pre-made and ready-to-ship products, the company also specializes in custom options
for hardwood flooring. For many employees, helping clients choose the perfect products is a creative outlet, and there are very few limitations to what the team at Hardwoods of Wisconsin can do. “To keep up on the latest trends we continue to attend and exhibit in design shows and meet with industry leaders to collaborate on new projects,” says Jamie, Josh’s wife. “Josh recently got back from one of his many trips to Europe to meet with companies we work with and learn what’s trending there. We also have a great relationship with the Amish community in northern Wisconsin and the southern United States, who continue to be a reliable source of reclaimed barn wood and other traditional materials.”

In the end, Hardwoods of Wisconsin is dedicated to making their clients’ dreams into reality. “When we meet with potential clients, they can expect a non-pressure environment,” Jamie says. “We listen to their needs and consider durability, trends and maintenance when helping them choose their products. We want people to be worry-free, knowing that we have the knowledge, resources and experience to help them achieve their vision.”

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