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Chili 101

If ever there were an American classic, it would have to be chili. And yet, the closest most of you have come to making this wonderful dish is to use a can opener.

Fine Dining in Lake Geneva

What is fine dining? Generally, it means somewhat more expensive fare (no burgers or pizza), showcasing the real culinary talents of the chefs who create the menus. We decided to try six fine dining restaurants in Lake Geneva and report our findings here.

Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

Thousands of pubs in Great Britain, especially those outside London, offer a “Sunday Lunch” each week. The main feature is a standing rib roast, which is always accompanied by Yorkshire pudding and amazingly crunchy roast potatoes. You always get a nice dessert (also called a “pudding”) and plenty of liquid libations.

Summer Grilling Surprises

It’s finally summer – and that means it’s grilling season. Our cuisine editor has put together some great grilling ideas for the summer, some of which you may have never tried.

Planting an Herb Garden

Everyone is in the mood for projects in the spring and an herb garden is a great one. It is easy and fun — kids and grandkids will love it, and it will open the door to new culinary creations.

A Sparkling Season

By Holly Leitner It’s on the guest list of every special occasion from Sunday brunch to bar mitzvahs, yet champagne originated as a mere…

Hooked on Classics

Spaghetti alla carbonara is one of the easiest and quickest classics to make. There are just five ingredients, eggs, bacon, garlic, Parmesan cheese and spaghetti, which you likely have on hand.

Brunch…And A Little Bubbly

What better way to celebrate spring than to treat family and friends to a sumptuous brunch. Usher in springtime with delightful dishes certain to cause those at your table to linger with talk of nature’s awakening and the promise of another summer at the lake.