Q&A: Getting Organized

By Shelby Deering | Photo courtesy of NEAT Method Wisconsin

As the days get longer and the weather turns milder, many people start to think about cleaning and reorganizing their homes. NEAT Method Wisconsin’s Amy Nocek represents the nation’s largest home organizing service, so we asked her to share some of her favorite tricks of the trade. Are you ready to give your home a spring refresh?

ATL: Tell us about your background.

Amy Nocek: I began my career as a trained designer. When designing, I always felt like my projects were a bit incomplete. When a remodel or other project is complete, it’s typically the client’s responsibility to set the new space up with their items and figure out the best way to make use of it. Now that’s my specialty!

ATL: For spring, how would you organize kids’ rooms?

AN: Think about ways to create a space where your child can participate in the clean-up and maintenance. Your labels can include pictures if you have toddlers or preschoolers who aren’t reading yet. Sort items like LEGOs or books by color.

ATL: How about bathrooms?

AN: Bathrooms are such an important space to have organized — it’s where we often start and end the day. Create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Keep as much off the counters as possible. Items that are out should be corralled in a tray. Make your top drawer in your vanity a daily-use drawer. Limit it to the items you will need every day, like toothpaste, contact lenses, etc. Store extra of any of these products in a utility closet or cabinet.

ATL: Laundry/linens?

AN: Remove bulky packaging whenever possible to save space. Detergent pods and fabric softener sheets can be removed from their boxes and stored in clear containers. This takes up less space and gives you a visual reminder of how much product you have. Store linens either by size or by room. Be sure to include labels on the bins so it’s easy to find the sheet set you’re looking for.

ATL: Craft rooms/offices?

AN: Eliminate as much paper as possible in your office space. Sign up for electronic billing or scan any papers. Save only what you will need to refer to in the future and doesn’t have a digital version. Sort craft items by type and consider stackable bins to maximize your shelf space. Keeping things in a rainbow order for supplies like paint, colored paper and markers can give you an art space that is its own work of art.

NEAT Method is the nation’s largest home organizing service. It follows a five-step process to take spaces like closets, pantries, playrooms and bathrooms from chaotic to composed. The company also helps clients move into new homes by offering unpacking and moving logistics services.

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