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Let’s face it, buying a house is the largest investment most of us will make in our lifetime. Pride in ownership means your yard is landscaped and groomed and your home is maintained inside and out.

The entrance to your home provides visitors with a very important first impression, whether it’s a concrete stoop that’s pitted or a stained garage floor. Think about it: A garage’s concrete floor is not unlike the carpeted, tiled or wood floors inside your home. Better maintenance allows for years of use and a floor that looks brand new. The alternative is a concrete floor that becomes increasingly stained, damaged by chemicals and dusty from breakdown of the wear surface. Don’t forget your patio, pool deck and even basement and porch floors. If any of these areas are showing signs of wear, give Advanced Coatings Plus LLC a call and learn how to give them an updated look.

Bill Grunow has owned and operated Advanced Coatings since 2011. “We can repair salt damage and cracks on stoops. We can get rid of stains and make garage floors look brand new,” he says. Grunow says his company preps the site, applies a resin material in the color and texture chosen by the customer, and then seals it with a clear coat.

“We can give your concrete a new look at a fraction of the replacement cost,” says Grunow. “After we visit a client’s home, we provide an estimate to repair any surface damage and apply a new surface coating that has the following added performance benefits: chemical- and scratch-resistance, UV-resistance and ease of cleaning.”
Grunow has completed projects at the Walworth County Government Building and several townhouses at Geneva National. “The Government Building had underground heating coils that they didn’t want to disturb, so we prepped the surface and applied a coating to the entrances and stairways. They were very pleased with the outcome and they saved money because they didn’t have to move the heating coils.”

Grunow explains the work is done efficiently by grinding or shot blasting that provides a more desirable surface than acid etching and is 95 percent dust-free. “I will never say it’s 100 percent, but we use vacuums with our grinders to keep the dust at a minimum. Sidewalks can be used within 12 hours of application and cars can be parked on a new surface after 24 hours.”

Grunow invites property owners to give him a call. “We are happy to do a walk-through and explain the many options available. It’s amazing how a little touch up can change the entire appearance of a home or business.”


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