At Home 2024: The Lofts at Brick & Mortar

For years, Lake Geneva has been a place to visit for a weekend getaway, plan a wedding in a local venue or put down roots by purchasing real estate. And no matter the purpose of your stay in the area, it is virtually impossible to walk the streets of Lake Geneva without seeing the Brick & Mortar name.

“The Brick & Mortar brand has really expanded to touch and embrace everything Lake Geneva has to offer,” co-owner Thomas George explains. He and his wife Kathy started their business with The House in 2009, and then expanded to Brick & Mortar Home & Outdoor in 2014. The Lofts of Brick & Mortar opened in 2023, and The Porch, a café and market, will be opening in 2024.

Located at 252 Center Street, new vacation rentals The Lofts sit atop Brick & Mortar’s 4,800-square-foot showroom and assembly room. There are three themed loft spaces: the City Loft, which captures “the vibrant energy of urban living”; the California Loft, which features “the west coast vibe with beautifully appointed kitchen and bath suited for couples”; and the Lake Loft, which highlights “the serene ambiance of the lake-themed rental.” Each loft is available for visitors or long-term renters booking online through Airbnb, VRBO or Geneva Lakes Vacations rental management, located in downtown Lake Geneva.

“The simplicity of the units allows guests to edit their stay to their taste while enjoying all the area has to offer,” Kathy says. Visitors who have already enjoyed the properties tend to agree: the 5-star reviews online for The Lofts say that the spaces are “clean, friendly, and perfectly situated to enjoy the [Lake Geneva] area,” and that, “there is nothing the owners haven’t thought of to make the trip comfortable and cozy, offering every amenity we needed for our trip.”

Each of the three 1,600-square-foot units features two bedrooms and one bathroom, all fully equipped with products and design elements from the Brick & Mortar stores. Each unit also boasts balconies and outdoor patio seating areas, again equipped with furniture and housewares from Brick & Mortar. And the best part? Anything within the units is available to purchase. Love the lamp on the nightstand or the sofa you’re sitting on or even the Smeg coffee pot? Feel free to purchase it and take it with you after your stay!

“Brick & Mortar’s storefronts have become the trusted stores for home furnishings and gifts that show your taste for the good life here at the lake and beyond,” Kathy says. “Amber, Monika and our experienced leaders curate products that continue to show a timeless taste and passion for life.”

The Georges’ expansion into vacation rentals is just another way the Brick & Mortar brand is becoming synonymous with life in Lake Geneva, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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