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What makes a room beautiful? From countertops to floors to wall tile and even appliances, the look and feel of a home can often be determined by the surfaces on display. A butcher-block wooden countertop might make a home feel more vintage or rustic, while natural stone makes it feel modern and luxurious, and changing the surfaces in a home can dramatically alter the overall look and feel of the space.

With more than 40 years of combined experience, K10 European Collection has been helping clients achieve the look in their homes they may have only dreamed about. What is truly unique about the company is their role in construction: as a supply provider, K10 works with several distributors and manufacturers to bring top-quality materials to contractors. Generally, a home under construction will display the name of the builder, but it’s easy to forget that without these top-quality supplies to do the job, there wouldn’t be much to work with.

The company initially started out sourcing surfaces, but has now expanded to include collections of custom cabinetry, LED lighting, plumbing, aluminum windows and doors, custom interior doors and exterior/front doors, French Oak Hardwood plus kitchen hoods, and even a quartz and gemstone collection.

Whether working on a residential or commercial project, K10’s mission is to help clients meet their ultimate design goals. Terry Goeke is an interior designer with K10 Collections. Headquartered in Chicago, K10 works to procure materials from a variety of manufacturers from around the globe. “With the collections, we can assess a person’s project and help determine if our products can be a great value for them,” Goeke says. “Most of our product has custom flexibility as well, so we can guide the customer through many finishes and products for their projects. Our suppliers have multiple talents, from hand- carving to metallic gloss finishes.”

According to Goeke, one of the challenges of working in the Lake Geneva area is balancing the old-world feel of the homes with new and modern styles. Residents and visitors are frequently awed by the historic homes in the area, some of which date back to the mid-1800s. When trying to update these homes, it can be difficult to balance the original designs with newer materials, but this is often more achievable than homeowners might think.

While the company frequently completes projects in Wisconsin, Goeke and the K10 team have completed projects in 16 states, plus Canada and Mexico, and Goeke explains that they now have distributors throughout the U.S., with the main showroom and distribution center in Chicago. Goeke says that no matter where the project takes them, K10 is prepared to help the client achieve exactly what they want. “The preferred look today is often a meld of time-classic style and modern finishes,” he explains. “We really are continuously evolving.”

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