Matustik Builders Creates A Timely Family Retreat

John Matustik knows how important it is for families to take advantage of the summer weather, especially in the Midwest. That’s why it’s his mission, as founder and owner of Lake Geneva-based Matustik Builders, to build custom homes on a strict schedule so clients have plenty of time to move in by the time school’s out. The key is to get the client into their dream home on a timely schedule, while maintaining the highest industry standards, something Matustik Builders does time and time again. This was certainly the case when Matustik and his team helped the O’Leary family realize their dream home.

Nestled on the outskirts of Delavan Lake, off of Bay Road, Becca and Sean O’Leary’s custom-built home features five bedrooms and five bathrooms as well as a taproom, bonus room and several notable outdoor elements. “The clients definitely envisioned what they wanted, and it’s our job to get their character and personality in the project, and reflect it in the final product,” Matustik explains.

To complement the home’s panoramic views of the lake, the architectural design features a large porch, an outdoor grill and bar area, and an in-ground plaster pool and spa. There’s also a screened-in porch with an outdoor fireplace, infrared heaters and retractable screens that really draw the outdoor space inward, according to Matustik. “This house was fun,” he says.

Matustik adds that there’s a “coziness” to the home that allows the O’Learys to enjoy a quiet evening alone, though the space is also adaptable for entertaining and hosting larger groups.“I love the way the space interacts,” Matustik says. “It flows seamlessly from the inside to the outside. It’s a good design that’s adaptable; even with as many as 40 people for a party, it doesn’t feel crowded.”

Matustik and his team started conceptualizing the two- story home in late June 2021, and the project was finished in January. He says the O’Learys were open to new ideas and concepts, adding that one of the most rewarding parts of his job is working with younger families that have many years to create memories in their new home.

According to Becca O’Leary, the project was finished earlier than expected, and she credits Matustik for his efficiency and strong work ethic.“Our experience with him was incredible from start to finish,” she explains.“They were very efficient. Every promise was delivered on time, and they were really transparent as far as budgetary things went.There were no major surprises. In a world of everything being delayed right now, the project came in not only on time but ahead of schedule, by more than a month, which was phenomenal because we were anxious to get in.”

She says putting their trust in Matustik Builders made a world of difference, especially when it came to the team, a group she says worked extremely well together and were “super tidy.”

Matustik started the business in 2010 with a guarantee of quality craftsmanship and a high level of attention to detail with each project.The company completes a small number of homes per year, and Matustik says the process involves a constant flow of activity, which allows for a quick turnaround.

“It’s us meeting with the client and the architect, getting inside their head and getting their vision on paper,” Matustik says. “They may have ideas, but we’re going to ask the right questions and go through our design process to make sure we get all their needs, wants and desires, all their requests, and make their dreams and vision into a reality.” The most important part, according to Matustik, is that the home fits the family’s lifestyle. For example, the way the O’Leary family lives now may be different than the way they’ll live in 10 years, so the house needs to be able to adjust for that ever-changing cycle.

“He truly delivered on every last thing,” Becca says. “Even now that the house is sealed up and the paper is signed, there may be little things that pop up that we want him to attend to, and he’s not only immediately responsive, but he gets it all fixed and immediately taken care of.” Becca doesn’t even think twice about recommending Matustik Builders to others in the area, and says she will continue to do so for a long time.

“At the end of the day, the way John personally runs his business, the way he treats his clients and his responsiveness is a testament to not only him as a builder but him as a person,” Becca says.“And the finished product is beautiful. We couldn’t love our home more.”


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