Lake Dogs 2018

By Holly Leitner

It’s that time of year again when we turn our attention to the doggone cutest pups around the lake! Our fifth annual Lake Dogs portfolio sheds (no pun intended) a light on the sheer happiness that is inherent to all dogs, but especially to these water loving pooches who call Geneva Lake home. These dogs understand life at the lake — they make sure there’s time for a boat ride and a swim, an afternoon nap on a sun-drenched pier, and sunset walks along the Shore Path. We see in them, what we love about the lake — the pure joy of being in the moment, surrounded by the people and places that mean the most to us.

This year we’ve supplemented our gallery of lake dogs with three pups from the Lakeland Animal Shelter. We’re hoping this added publicity will result in forever homes for them. Look for Candy, Gunner and Bella.

Also, don’t miss our soon-to-be released book, Lake Dogs. This fun compilation of photos will be available in late fall, just in time for holiday gift giving. Stay tuned!

Bernadette and Elmo, Bichon Frise
 Family: Jane and Bob Klockars

Favorite Lake Activity: Swimming

Pet Peeve: Not being let outside to play with the neighborhood dogs

Naughtiest Deed: They pout when owners leave 

Sophie, English Cream Labrador Retriever

Family: The Liljebergs (Ellen, Jeff, Jack and Kelly)

Favorite Lake Activity: Swimming, boating and hanging with mom down on the pier

Pet Peeve: When Annie gets attention

Naughtiest Deed: Jumping on people and bumping her nose into people’s behinds

Annie, Golden Retriever

Family: The Liljebergs (Ellen, Jeff, Jack and Kelly)

Favorite Lake Activity: Swimming and fetching the ball in the lake

Pet Peeve: Being left in the house when family is down on the pier

Naughtiest Deed: Digging in the yard 

Tim, Chihuahua mix (same mother as Tiny, right)

Family: Ransom-Rozolis Family

Favorite Lake Activity: People watching at The Abbey Harbor

Pet Peeve: When Tiny gets more attention

Naughtiest Deed: Taking Tiny’s food without asking

Rescue: Yes, Tiny and Tim are a bonded pair found in Texas 

Tiny, Chihuahua mix

Family: Ransom-Rozolis Family

Favorite Lake Activity: Riding in the boat on a sunny day

Pet Peeve: Freshly mowed grass (has allergies and sneezes quite a bit)

Naughtiest Deed: Stealing socks from the laundry basket

Rescue: Yes 

Mordekai (Morde), Chow Chow

Family: Mary, Anthony and Thomas Ferrini

Favorite Lake Activity: Walking the lake, meeting all the other dogs and letting them know the best sniffing spots

Pet Peeve: Other dogs NOT on a leash as it scares him and his family

Naughtiest Deed: Chasing squirrels, but he doesn’t want to hurt them, just play 

Tully (Tullymore Dew), Collie mix

Family: Spencer, Carrie, Betty and Danny Moysey

Favorite Lake Activity: Watching birds and squirrels from the deck

Pet Peeve: Ants on the deck — she tries to eat them

Naughtiest Deed: Escaping from the house, but she ends up back on the deck no matter what

Rescue: Yes, from PAWS Chicago 

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Candy, Terrier mix, Age 5

Best Thing About Her: Always happy to see you!

Pet Peeve: When her friend was adopted without her

Favorite Toy: Anything chewy

Other Notable Attributes: All-around sweetheart! 

Gunner, Golden Retriever

Family: The Cunninghams

Favorite Lake Activity: Greeting people along the Shore Path and swimming in the lake

Pet Peeve: People swimming in the lake without him

Naughtiest Deed: Stealing golf balls off the golf course greens at Lake Geneva Country Club

Willow, Mini Dachshund

Family: The Leising Family (Nick, Jessica, Emma, Audrey and Evan)

Favorite Lake Activity: Helping navigate the pontoon or riding in the kayak

Pet Peeve: When she gets left behind

Naughtiest Deed: Eating the cat food

Rescue: Yes 

Grady, English Springer Spaniel

Family: Matt and Katie Oglesby

Favorite Lake Activity: Retrieving his retriever toy.  As long as he’s in the water, he’s happy!

Pet Peeve: His little brother stealing his retriever toy when swimming

Naughtiest Deed: Hiding socks 

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION Gunner, Bull Terrier, Age 8

Best Thing About Him: Best snuggler ever!

Pet Peeve: Dogs that bark a lot

Favorite Toy: Any stuffed toy

Other Notable Attributes: Looking for a home and family of his own to snuggle with full time! 

SweetPea, Basset Hound

Family: Vivian, Brian, Illidan and Mister

Favorite Lake Activity: Greeting anybody who walks by for petting

Pet Peeve: Not being able to run after anything she wants

Naughtiest Deed: Steals Dad’s socks and hand towels for keep away games 

Jersey, English Labrador

Family: Brad & Carol Scharfenorth

Favorite Lake Activity:  Dock diving

Pet Peeve: Waiting in line at dock diving

Naughtiest Deed: Digging up sheets on the bed 

Bailey, Chocolate Labrador

Family: Brad & Carol Scharfenorth

Favorite Lake Activity:  Swimming/fishing with us on our boat

Pet Peeve: Waiting for her dinner

Naughtiest Deed:  Shredding toys 

Bozeman, English Labrador - Chocolate

Family: The Polkow Family

Favorite Lake Activity:  Swimming

Pet Peeve: When someone touches his feet

Naughtiest Deed:  He shredded his dog bed 

Brody, Labrador Retriever

Family: The Furlongs

Favorite Lake Activity: Dock diving and duck chasing

Pet Peeve: Chipmunk invaders

Naughtiest Deed:  Caught a skunk (twice) 

Marley, German Shepherd/Collie mix

Family: Erika, Danielle and Lauren Hedlin

Favorite Lake Activity: Swimming with all the kids in the neighborhood

Pet Peeve: When family jumps in the water before her and starts swimming away from the pier

Naughtiest Deed: She likes to think she is a person and will jump on a dining chair while family is eating at the table. 

Stella 'Stella Sofia Duchesse Von Lova' (Her mom was Lova), White German Shepherd

Family: Caralyn Anderson Dunklau and kids, Sam and Lily Dunklau

Favorite Lake Activity: Swimming, swimming and more swimming

Pet Peeve: Squirrels Naughtiest Deed: Taking herself on lake walks and stealing her doggie friends’ toys 

Mack, Golden Retriever

Family: Courtney and Adam

Favorite Lake Activity: Swimming

Pet Peeve: Grooming, especially getting her nails clipped

Naughtiest Deed: Damaged a park bench that she was tied to while her mom was in the post office 

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION Bella, American Staffordshire Terrier, Age 1

Best Thing About Her: Fun-loving girl!

Pet Peeve: Not getting enough attention — she is a bit of a diva

Favorite Toy: Bones to chew

Other Notable Attributes: Loves to play as often as she can 

Agnes Pancake “Aggie,” Bearcoat Sharpei

Family: The Leitners

Favorite Lake Activity: Watching the Shore Path and lakeside naps

Pet Peeve: Other dogs and fireworks Naughtiest Deed: Snoring loudly and waking up family

Rescue: Yes, from Rocky Ridge Refuge, Arkansas 

Jackson, Münsterländer

Family: Mark and Sherry Coughlin

Favorite Lake Activity: Retrieving rocks

Pet Peeve: Afraid of guns even though he’s a hunting dog

Naughtiest Deed: He had an “arts and crafts day” with his dog bed. (It’s just a pile of stuffing.)  

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