Le Roux Construction LLC

Le Roux Construction works to do it right the first time. That’s what owner Moe Le Roux says he strives for in each project his company takes on.

The Walworth-based business has undertaken home construction and remodeling projects in Walworth County and beyond since its inception in 2004. Before that, Le Roux did mostly commercial construction until switching to residential work and then remodeling homes for friends, as word spread.

“I’ve never looked back,” Le Roux says. “I have high standards of quality, and people see it in our work. We pride ourselves on it, and it’s what keeps us busy.”

For the most part, Le Roux and one full-time employee complete the projects on their own.

Being a part of each job helps Le Roux ensure that his company fulfills a customer’s needs and follows the plan they set out to complete. “From any ideas they have, we work with them to bring them to life,” Le Roux says.

Kurt Stricker hired LeRoux Construction for a total remodel of his 1970s condo in Abbey Hill.

In a large gutting that included taking out walls and false ceilings, Le Roux Construction transformed the ’70s model to a “rustic, modern barn, country theme,” Stricker says.

Using reclaimed barn wood for much of the new doors, windows and trim, Le Roux brought new life to the home in six months.

During the process, Le Roux sent Stricker a picture of the kitchen ceiling constructed with barn wood, and asked for feedback. When Moe asked ‘What do you think,’ I replied, ‘Just keep going.’” The end result, according to Stricker, “is awesome. It’s multicolored, it’s just beautiful.”

That sums up how Stricker feels about all the work Le Roux Construction put into his home.

Stricker says he knew Le Roux before the remodel, and it wasn’t a tough decision when it came to choosing someone for the project.

As an active member of the Big Foot Lions Club, Le Roux gets much of his business through connections he forms, and he enjoys giving back to the community.

“We had talked about the project for a while. I know how meticulous he is, and that’s why I chose Moe,” Stricker says. “I’m really happy with the way everything turned out.”

“The whole floor plan has opened up,” he says. “It seems so much bigger. The kitchen used to be enclosed, the door to the pantry was right in middle of it, the lighting was poor — I’m loving the new format.”


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