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Trending at the Lake

We headed to a few of our favorite local shops to find home goods and accessories for our beloved “Lake Dogs”.

Cozy Chalet Getaway

Vacation rentals are popular for their “home away from home” atmosphere. And that’s exactly what this couple has created with the Bay Chalet in Williams Bay.

Raise a Glass

For drinkers and collectors, wine rooms are on the rise – especially in the Lake Geneva area. We explore concepts and ideas to create your ideal wine room.

Light It Up!

At The Lake sat down with local lighting professionals to discuss the best trends, ideas and advice for lighting your outdoor spaces.

A Symphony of Wine & Cheese

Learn some tips from area experts about the fine art of pairing handcrafted wine and artisanal cheese – a fun culinary adventure awaits!

Natural Beauty

Nestled in a rustic farm setting on a 19th Century dairy farm, Northwind Perennial Farm houses over 300 species of perennials, shrubs, native plants and ornamental grasses, many of which are available for sale in the garden shop and nursery.